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Using Creative Broker Solutions has helped me to convert even the trickiest of mortgage cases and satisfy more customers.

Mitul Patel - Principal, Lemon Tree Financial Services


Mortgages are the life blood of the Financial Services market and we have created access to mainstream lenders through our relationship with a leading Mortgage Club.

For those mortgages that are a bit more tricky and complex, we have set up access to help desks that can assist you in placing those difficult cases with specialist lenders.

Access to Commercial Loans are available through our dedicated team so that speedy decisions can be made for any complex enquiries you may have that you need that extra help with, paying you highly competitive commission terms.

Of course not all enquiries end up as a first charge Mortgage and to ensure your clients get the right product for their needs, we have arrangements in place with leading secured loan master brokers for access to all secured loan and unsecured loan lenders that represent whole of market.

In addition, there are many complicated enquiries that need some imaginative solutions such as Bridging finance or even a mixture of different solutions to create the ideal way forward for your clients.

For those clients that have dreams to own property abroad, we have access to specialists that work in the overseas market.

Rather than you wasting your valuable time in researching these areas, expert help is now at your fingertips by contacting with Creative Broker Solutions to give you access to the professionals that can assist you to give a great service to your customers.

Brokers will receive competitive fees and income per case, paid direct by the provider so there is no risk to your income. Broker fees, remuneration and client fee charging arrangements are negotiable on most products.

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