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New Year new goals

The year 2014 fled by so quickly and by all accounts it was a good year for Mortgage Intermediaries.
The market returned and mortgage business was slanted in favour of the intermediary channel as lenders struggled to cope with the effects of The Mortgage Market Review.
Therefore it seems that now we have got a firm grip on the market, we shouldn’t let that slip and do all we can to look after existing clients and attract new ones.
This time of year, we often make resolutions including joining a gym and cutting back on some of the excesses in life!
With this in mind, it might be timely to look at our business models to learn from last year and to do more of the things that add value and less things that detract from our business performance.
It is also perhaps a great time to examine our relationships with product suppliers to ensure they are all fit for purpose as there is a stream of new organisations ready to support us in new and effective ways.
We shouldn't be complacent and look especially at such areas as technology suppliers, website work, sourcing and back office systems to ensure we are getting the most for our subscriptions to them.
Compliance support is another vital link in the chain as are the insurance commissions and lender procuration fees we receive to ensure they are as competitive as possible.
Thankfully, help is also at hand from companies like Creative Broker Solutions to assist in these supplier comparisons.
Here's to a fantastic 2015!
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