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Credit to the German team

Love them or otherwise, you cannot but respect the achievements of the German national football team in winning the World Cup in Brazil. 
This is in direct contrast of course to the way our national team performed!
So what lessons can we learn from the German team that might help us in our business ventures?
Firstly I would suggest that it was a classic case of teamwork with everyone knowing exactly what was expected of them and then having a plan that is understood and perfectly implemented.
All team members were motivated and had the desire to win with the confidence in each other that they had the game plan to be successful.
There were no ‘superstars’ and they were not reliant on one or two main players to perform so they reduced the risk of none performance or injury or people simply not doing it on the day!
All these skills & techniques can be used in a business context to ensure that we have a business plan that is clear, relevant and understood by all.
We then need to ensure we build a great team of people who are motivated, confident and the ongoing desire to succeed and beat the competition.
Staff performance needs regular monitoring and practise of core skills to refine what they do so great consistent performance becomes the norm.
Perhaps the most understated part is the direction required to ensure all this is managed by a top quality and experienced leader.
The German team seem to have mastered this, maybe we can too? 
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