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The intermediary is king!

I was recently asked by an intermediary what I could do to help him in his business and I replied that in essence, my aim is to help get time consuming cases and problems/enquiries off his desk.
Therefore leaving time to concentrate on his important tasks whilst he still earns valuable income from all enquiries, no matter how good or bad, large or small.
It is like having your own personal support system in place that you can freely use across all your business products but far better than the usual mortgage clubs out there.
As a reminder, the lenders & suppliers I deal with are similar to those on the panels of Clubs like PMS, L&G etc. But with over 35 years in this industry I know I can help intermediaries in most cases and also provide the personal, professional and excellent service you deserve.
You will probably also earn more income on each case too as overheads are less!
Why let those big organisations/clubs get even richer?
I guarantee I will always get back to you and keep you informed as I only will deal with a small manageable number of intermediaries, so I know we can support each other and value each other’s business.
All you have to do is email me or pick up the phone at anytime and all the support you need is freely available.
Now that’s what I call good old fashioned service where you as the customer are king!
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