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Outsourcing partners

From my conversations with intermediaries so far in 2014 the year has started very buoyantly.
Enquiries are brisk and there is a new excitement that the year will be really good for everyone who can adapt to the increased business levels.
Some are saying that they cannot already cope with this extra business and either turning it away or even working all hours to get the job done.
But in reality is this the best way to meet all customer expectations and equally important to meet all regulatory responsibilities whilst remaining healthy and sane?
Many intermediaries are now actively looking to outsource much of the activity they cannot cope with and in this way customers are still being satisfied and the referring intermediary still gets valuable income from each case. Intermediaries also save considerable administration time as the regulatory responsibility then passes to the receiving party.
But who can you trust at such times to make sure all this ‘outsourcing’ is handling correctly and the intermediary and their clients are protected accordingly.
Well, this is where Creative Broker Solutions can assist to ensure all matters proceed smoothly, it is what we do and what I have been personally involved in for many years.
Outsourcing is a great idea but you must choose a partner that has good old fashioned high business ethics and an excellent service reputation.
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