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Outsource to keep in control

The intermediary mortgage market has been very buoyant for the past few years despite the challenges presented as a result of the increasing rate of change of regulation.
It is hard to imagine it will soon be any different as intermediaries have got used to this new way of working and pace of life.
All of this comes at a cost as far as a potential strain on resources and maybe putting things on the back burner that should ideally be dealt with today.
This gives intermediaries some very interesting challenges but with good planning there is often an answer to these conflicting demands.
Firstly make sure that technology is being used to its maximum potential and that all process and individuals in the business knows their role and performs it effectively, take immediate action if not!
Valuable time can also be saved by outsourcing tasks and products that you haven't got time to complete yourself or maybe not in your current expertise.
I am particularly thinking here of passing clients to experts for fulfilling the sales of such things as Buildings & Contents and all Commercial Loan enquiries.
It might be tempting to give it a go yourself but for the possible extra small reward versus controlling your complete business for overall greater gain, it should be better to outsource to others.  
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